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Bespoke eLearning

Online Learning

Communicating Through writing
Michigan Virtual University

Whether it is training staff to use a new product, sensitizing employees about environmental conservation, getting middle school students excited about science and math, we conceptualise and develop eLearning solutions that are effective and engaging.

We also help organisations decide and implement optimal learning delivery systems. We have also customized open-source tools like Moodle – Learning Management System, Drupal – Content Management System, ELGG - Social Networking Platform and Mahara – e-Portfolio System.

Mobile Learning

'Critical Thinking' available on Iphone
Handheld devices are changing the way learning is done. Engaging games and content enhance the learning experience. This form of learning is changing the way we have learnt in the past and provides an opportunity to try out different things.
At ED we are creating nano (bite-sized) elearning solutions for the handheld devices.