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We have learnt from our interactions with people with disabilities, apex associations working for people with disabilities, educational experts, usability and accessibility consultants, and of course, our clients. As an organization always eager to learn, we have conducted small inexpensive experiments & user research to test assumptions, developed prototypes to see proof of concept, and proactively sought criticism on our work from our target audience, experts and clients. This section offers documents developed for internal use as well as for external presentations. We will be keen to receive your feedback, comments and ideas.


ICEVI Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - July 2006

In their research paper, "SpellWell Case Study - Game-based eLearning to Improve English Spelling of Visually Disabled Youth, Atul and Sachin trace how spellings have been taught and learnt in the past, challenges faced by visually disabled learners in spelling correctly, need for a eLearning based spelling tool and the development process ED followed to co-create SpellWell with blind and low vision end-users, the challenges faced and solutions found.

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"SpellWell: Game-based accessible eLearning to improve English spelling" - presentation at RNIB's TechShare Conference, Birmingham, UK, Dec 2005

In this presentation, Atul explains how the visually disabled learners are auditory learners who rely more on phonetic occurrence of words rather than their orthographical representation and hence face challenges in spelling, especially for homophones like site/cite/sight. He further explains how ED co-created SpellWell with visually disabled end-users and what pedagogical, accessibility and engagement insights for eLearning were learnt.

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"Delivering Opportunity - Education through Technology", ICT Conference at Baramati, India, Feb 2005

In her presentation Shilpa explains how acquiring 'new skills for new economy' is the need of the hour for the visually disabled youth, as only relevant skills lead to a job, which leads to financial independence and to a better quality of life. How the booming BPO segment has opened vast opportunities in India and why English language and communication is one skill that enhances employability significantly. She explains how for SpellWell, the accessible game-based eLearning tool developed by ED, the traditional 4Ps of marketing will need to be redefined and shares ED's ideas on how SpellWell can be financially sustained and its social impact scaled.

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Seminar on Universal Web Accessibility, organized by Disabled People's Association (DPA), Singapore, October 18, 2003

In his presentation titled, "Accessible ICTs and their Impact on People with Disabilities", Atul asks the question, 'do accessible ICT really benefit people with disabilities' and cites examples of visually disabled people whose lives have changed because of ICTs. Yet, problems persist; what can be done and what is ED doing.

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"Opening Doors to a Vision for Tomorrow" - IICD's ICT Stories Competition, September 2003

This story about Enabling Dimensions was submitted at the 'ICT Stories Competition' organized by IICD in 2003. Here, Sachin Mehrish, recounts why ED was formed, its philosophy, its vision, its business model, its initiatives in deploying ICT-based solutions for empowering people with visual disabilities (till 2003), their impact and learning derived.

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Seminar on "Universal Web Accessibility - Building Digital Ramps" - a report, New Delhi, Nov 20, 2002

ED organized the seminar to raise awareness about the issue of equal access to electronic information. Participants included personnel from non-profit organizations, educational institutes, IT companies and media. Speakers included Prof Shintaro Ishijima, President, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology, Prof. M.M. Pant, former Pro Vice Chancellor, IGNOU, Mr. Prakash Kumar, Special Secretary I.T., Government of Delhi, Ms Anjali Arora, India's first visually impaired, Supreme Court lawyer, Mr. Charu Jadav, former National Blind Chess Champion and others.

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"Usage of Computers and Internet by the Visually Challenged: Issues and Challenges in the Indian Context" - a report, New Delhi, January 2002

The impact of computers and Internet on the lives of the disabled in general, and the visually disabled in particular, has not received much attention. Research conducted by Enabling Dimensions, in early 2002, revealed the motivations of this audience in using computers and internet; the impediments they face; and their latent needs in the Indian context.

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