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Save Our Species

An interactive map was created for Save Our Species (SOS) to depict all the projects under the SOS mandate.
Save Our Species is a global coalition initiated by the 3 founding partners IUCN, GEF and World Bank to build the biggest species conservation fund, supporting on-the-ground field conservation projects all over the world.

ED has been actively involved in the conceptualisation phase of the SOS website and has been a part of the design and development process as well.

The interactive map is an innovative solution to present stakeholders with a vast amount of information at a glance. All the SOS initiatives have been mapped out and provide details such as the Species name, the Country, the Status of the Project, more information about it, etc.

This solution has been developed using Google Maps and its APIs.



Konnected is a work management tool created by us that allows teams to work collectively and in sync with each other.
Konnected is a platform where team members plan their tasks by updating their daily to-dos and weekly goals. They interact with team members and give input related to the various projects that they work on.

Konnected was initially a tool designed for the team at Enabling Dimensions after many of us underwent training on Effective Personal Productivity from the Leadership Management Institute, US. Konnected was used internally for years. Our learnings on Time management, Work management, Process enhancement and increasing productivity were very well encompassed in Konnected.

This tool has now been further developed as a product which can be customized as per other organization needs and benefit their teams as well.

Konnected offers many useful features for people to perform better at work and be more efficient. This tool has been made using Drupal, an open CMS source.


Agalio for Novartis

An eLearning module was created for Novartis in association with Agalio, to educate the users about the future trends in the pharmaceutical industry especially in the French market.
The duration of the module is approximately 30 minutes and has been made multimedia rich and interactive through the use of quizzes, questionnaires, graphics, videos and animations.

Novartis International AG is a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company based in Basel, Switzerland, ranking second in sales amongst the world-wide industry in 2010. The company's effective history spans 250 years. Novartis is a hallmark in the spheres of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and diagnostics, animal care, eye care and Over The Counter medicines.

The module created by ED caters to a group of 60 French managers across verticals and hierarchies. It also attempts to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Test to help managers discover what type of innovators they are. This feature is present for the managers to be able to discover their innovator type and understand, assess and apply their strengths towards innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

The interactive and engaging content is in French and is supported by voice-over narration, also in French, which improves the efficacy of the learner experience.


Agalio for Redcats

Multimedia rich eLearning modules were created for Redcats, in association with Agalio, for their top level management to help them analyse competition and strategise for the company better.
These modules were made using the Articulate software. The interactive and engaging content was supported by the voice-over narration in English, which made the entire learner experience more fruitful.

Redcats is a French group of commercial companies founded in 1999. This entity specializes in international online fashion and home furnishing distribution. In the late 1990s, the Group acquired international brands. Active today in all market segments, Redcats represents a portfolio of 17 European and American brands for men, women and children.

We have created eLearning modules for Redcats for the analysis of competitive spaces in the fashion industry. The modules demonstrate the backgrounds, strategies, unique aspects and the positives and negatives of their competitor companies. They aim to make the top management at Redcats understand and analyse their competition and build their own products and marketing strategies in new and improved manners. The modules are short-duration courses of approximately 10-15 minutes each and have been made interactive through the use of questionnaires and videos.


Instructor Facilitation Tool-Kit -€“ ATDC

Intensive skill-based digital video content, created for ATDC (Apparel Training & Design Centre), India.
An initiative of the Ministry of Textile of India, the programme was designed to help instructors impart high quality and uniform training across centers to help students with minimal educational background to obtain jobs in the textile industry.

The programme is an interactive instructor facilitation module with numerous class-based questionnaires and activities. The modules demonstrate a series of highly technical operations on the industrial sewing machine.The modules are designed to teach the learners highly technical operations on high-tech sewing machines. The objective was not only to increase understanding of the operations but also for the learner to enjoy and retain the content for a longer period of time.

Adobe After-Effects was extensively used for visual effects and motion graphics. The medium of language used was Hindi to make it easier for the target learners to understand. The interactive and engaging content was supported by the voice-over narration in Hindi, which made the entire learner experience more effective.


WWF - Rangers

A website was created to spread awareness about the decreasing number of tigers. Support Tiger Rangers is a highly functional widget on the website that lets one showcase support to the rangers who are fighting to save the stripes in the jungle from extinction.
With the increase in the number of tiger poaching, WWF, world'€™s largest independent non government organization, has involved itself in protecting the cat family.

The unsung heroes are out there in several parts of the Earth, to stop poaching and merciless killing of tigers. The tiger rangers are distributed in five different countries mainly - China, Cambodia, Nepal, Malaysia and Indonesia. A widget was created to enable commoners to convey their messages and concerns to the tiger rangers. Anyone can send as many as postcards, e-cards and messages to encourage and inspire the rangers to conserve the natural heritage.

A slider is part of this widget; the slider shows the WWF rangers playing their various roles as forest guards, park wardens or field enforcement officers. On clicking the image of the ranger in the slider, the tiger ranger'€™s details and his work profile appears. The option to send a postcard or mailing an e-card to the ranger is also available. These can be sent in English or the national language of the country the ranger belongs to.

This widget also enables one to see how many cards were mailed and e-cards were sent. The messages sent in the '€˜Cards4tigers' section can be seen on the website. The message can be shared on various social networking sites.


Critical Thinking

An evolved online community that enables one to think critically and learn techniques that last for life. An online learning that has great ROI and enables the teams to learn at their own pace and convenience.
The four key pillars of lifelong learning are-learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be that are included in this application. Critical thinking is a skill that can be learnt and improved with every passing day.

This application also casts away allegories about critical thinking. Critical thinking gives you an edge to stand out in the crowd and to maintain your uniqueness that will outlive others. Critical thinking is a secret tool that makes you analyse, evaluate, synthesize, and understand fallacies, inferences, argumentation and many more. This helps in making the best decision in everyday life.A storyline, using a blend of different senses - audio, visual, animation, sound effects and text, enables people to retain the learning for a longer period of time. Mindmaps enable the entire course to be pinned on the board for quick recap and recall.

As there are multiple levels of expertise in a computer game and so are of thinking. Once aware of the various levels, you can choose the appropriate level of thinking based on their applicability. The awareness about these concepts and applying them in your day to day decision making process helps in separating facts from fiction and also to draw accurate conclusions.


Communicating Through Writing

It is a tailor-made course for the DAL Group, which is a part of the corporate essentials.
A time saving online learning for the employees that can be learnt at their own convenience. The visuals help the employee to retain the learning for a longer period of time.Even mindmaps are imbedded that acts as a recapitulation of the whole course within a couple of seconds.

Communication through Writing is categorized in two parts. Firstly, foundational that showcases the various aspects of effective writing. Secondly, advanced that tells about the report writing techniques. '€˜Communication through Writing' is a vivid example of showing how to write business reports and emails, so that your recommendations and messages highlight the key aspects and are read with interest.

Mindmaps are made a part of it as it is the best way to present a clear glimpse of the whole course all together. Case studies and real time scenarios presented in each of the courses to analyse their position in the same situation. Rich images and visuals create an easy learning pattern for the trainee to retain the course for a longer period of time.

Few sets of assessment are also incorporated to evaluate the learner'€™s performance before and after the course. The voice-over narration creates a clear understanding of the course. The clarity helps in bringing about more attention to listen and makes it more interactive.



ELAN is a website that shares knowledge, proposes activities and identifies possible sources of technical and financial support for our ELAN'€™s ecosystem.
THE ECOSYSTEMS AND LIVELIHOODS ADAPTATION NETWORK(ELAN) enhances poor and marginalized people's resilience to the impacts of climate change by integrating ecosystem and right-based approaches into adaptation policies and practices.

ELAN was initiated in the year of 2009, with the partnership between IUCN and WWF. ELAN is a multilingual website that is currently featured in English, Spanish and French. It is developed in Drupal, a very prominent CMS (Content Management System) that has a large community and plenty of shared open source modules.

A user friendly interface for editing the site content is an asset to the website, as it helps the client to make modification to the content as per their needs. This added advantage to the website decreases its maintenance cost and enhances its usage.



Ecotrail is a smarter pedagogy to enhance knowledge on ecology in kids and adults in a form of a game with lots of fun and joy!
Ecotrail is a game based application developed for android and iOS based hand-held devices such as Galaxy Tab or iPad. It is a simple and user-friendly game for kids and adults. It works in both the extents - €œcomprehension and fun.
Ecotrail is an experimental method that helps in spreading the awareness of ecology in kids and adults. In this application a user has to roll a dice by tapping it and step forward to achieve a fruitful result. During the journey the user has to answer some questions related to ecology-awareness, the correct answer rewards the user by moving a few blocks which helps them move faster and a wrong answer trails the user down. The questions are related to our day to day living. The questions come up with rich graphics to make it an engaging and appealing experience. Ecotrail is interactive, flexible and can be easily played by any age-group of people. The game has a simple yet scalable technical solution. Since the questions come from a xml driven database, such a game can be re-purposed very easily for any awareness or comprehension based activity. This strategy can be applied to other verticals like reinforcing mathematics for kids - addition, subtraction etc. or awareness on team-building, customer excellence for corporates. The idea is to learn, comprehend and re-collect something while having fun.

Connect to Protect

Connect to Protect, an online environmental awareness tool for all Nokia employees under the auspices of a WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) - Nokia agreement.
WWF and Nokia had ambitious plans for the online tool as a principal channel for environment-related communication to Nokia's employees around the world. How could we help them make employees aware of company environmental policies and their personal impact on the environment, and also develop a better understanding of wider environmental issues, to ultimately reduce their environmental footprint?
Connect to Protect called for a proven instructional strategy: Awareness, followed by Learning, and then Action. In the first stage we simply introduced specific environmental issue and addressed possible user indifference and the myth that individual actions made no difference. Once concern had been developed, we created game-based learning, multimedia presentations, online calculators and other tools to delve deeper on specific issues. We also built a custom Learning and Content Management System to manage the community, including a Leader Board where users could see where they ranked compared to colleagues around the world, and catchy e-cards that were sent out every time a new learning object was added. Finally, in the Action stage, we suggested active steps that users could take at home, at office and with WWF. As a result of this in-depth user engagement, the initiative has been a great success, and is now in its 5th year of operation.

The Technician

Converting soccer drills appearing in the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) specialized magazine for coaches, ‘The Technician’, into eLearning modules.
A simple adaptation of the print tutorials would be easy. Instead we tried to see what value additions we could apply to make the learning effective and engaging.
The key decision was to look at each drill as a 'nano' learning object, defining a 'nano' as a nugget of learning that meets one or a few learning objectives at a time. Within this conceptual framework we executed each step of the drill as an animation and each drill has detailed explanation of player position, size of the practice area, and drill implementation. Quick self-assessment to check recall of key nuances and a drill-sheet that coaches can download and use in the field, as a job-aid were some of the value adds. What we learned from the project, once again, is that nano learning allows them to cover a few well-defined objectives in a short time, even if they have only a few minutes to devote to the subject at a time.


A multimedia learning program to educate stakeholders about the dangers of doping, created for UEFA (Union of European Football Associations)
How do you persuade performance-obsessed soccer professionals that performance-enhancing drugs aren't a good idea?
The problem with combating doping in sports is that doping drugs work. However these short-term benefits are far outweighed by health risks, and go against the very spirit of sport. To educate players, coaches, and doctors about UEFA's highly technical anti-doping material, we first broke up the content into smaller easy-to-digest sections, and wove the information around real-life scenarios relevant to the target audience’s life. The scenarios were then presented in multimedia modules that combined still photographs, voice over, video and even celebrity sound bytes. In the face of contradictory information on doping and its all-too-obvious benefits, this multimedia resource has an important role to play. By making technical material readily available as eLearning modules, we created a resource that will serve as a powerful educational tool, for years to come.


SpellWell, a computer-based English spelling game for visually challenged learners.
Good communication skills can make a critical difference in finding employment or getting a promotion, and correct spelling is an important part of written communication. But are the needs of visually challenged learners any different from their sighted counterparts?
Analysis of hundreds of emails and other written communication showed that visually disabled learners make characteristic errors due to their inability to differentiate between homophones, or words that sound the same but are spelled differently (like 'mourning' and '€˜morning'). Designed to resemble a radio quiz-show, SpellWell game features a number of episodes, consisting of word-lists built around commonly misspelled word categories, based on our research. An interface with large-fonts and high-contrast allows use without a screen-magnifier for low vision users and voice-over did away with the need for expensive screen-reading software for blind users. Finally, we kept SpellWell customizable, so that users could tailor word lists for their specific needs. We'll continue to upgrade SpellWell based on user feedback, but in the meantime it remains a fun spelling game that ensures learners get the help they need.
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