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Social Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

Social Collaboration

UNAIDS Joint Team platform

Developing a quick understanding of your business objectives and your target audience's profile, we can develop social collaboration platforms that engage your audience and provide them with relevant content in the shortest time. Our proven implementation experience enables project teams to anticipate and manage issues that are most important for the client: information priorities, corporate branding guidelines, technical constraints, deployment frameworks, end-users' cultural sensitivities and technical environment. We have successfully delivered:

  • focused online communities that are flexible to adapt to the evolutionary changes
  • impactful, interactive online campaigns and web-appeals
  • multi-layered information-heavy sites with collaborative elements
  • powerful web presence for organisations


Online Applications

An organisational process change requires changes in your current online application.

Planning to take an offline paper-based process online? Developing a new component for collaborative working for your staff?

We can help you with enterprise web-application integration and building web-based applications that enhance organisational efficiency and responsiveness.

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Social Learning & Knowledge Sharing

Connect to Protect
Timeless Lifeskills

From content delivery systems to making the content more impactful, we specialise in developing content solutions customised to your organisation's needs. We develop our solutions in conformance to technical, branding and content guideline framework of your organisation. Our content solutions services cover:

  • CMS requirements specifications
  • Content creation guidelines
  • Standards (W3C, Section 508) compliance
  • CMS development and deployment
  • Using existing CMS for content delivery
  • Developing content assets such as graphics, animations, illustrations
  • Maintenance and enhancements for legacy Content Delivery Systems
  • CMS user guides

Social Learning & Training Solutions

One Planet leader

In an increasingly globalised world, your employees, partners, learners could be anywhere in the world. Web-based delivery is fast becoming the medium of choice for organisations sensitive to the time and costs required for learning delivery. We specialise in implementing learning solutions customised to map your organisation's objectives with your target audience's profile. We can assist you with:

  • Custom course development
  • Standards (SCORM, W3C guidelines, Section 508) compliance
  • Content conversion for alternate delivery
  • Instructional and graphic design
  • Building or deployment of learning delivery systems
  • Blended learning solutions
  • Technical writing and documentation

Website Performance Analysis

Accesibility Compliance Report
Web Analytics Report

We provide specialized web-analytics services to go through your web-logs or web-analytics software and interpret the data in terms of how your website is performing.

In web traffic analysis, it is essential to have a clear view of all the major influencing factors. It is important to identify the characteristics of the traffic in the right context: global or local.

Our specialists analyse your information needs from your website and translate them into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We extract relevant data for these KPIs from web-traffic data and interpret it for you in action-oriented terms.