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By Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar
Monday, 24 June 2002

Imagine switching off your computer and surfing the web. Probably that best explains how hard it is for the visually challenged to surf the net. But now a website -- -- designed to enable the disabled, especially the blind, has actually make it possible for the blind to access the live coverage of the ongoing World Cup Football matches.

The programme has made it possible for the blind to surf the web as ably as anyone else. They are able to do so through the use of a screen reading software that reads out the text on the computer screen in a synthesized voice.

By adhering to international universal web accessibility standards laid down by World Wide Web Consortium, is also able to give all graphical and multimedia elements an alternate-text description that the screen readers can read.

Created by Enabling Dimensions, a Singapore-based company with its development centre in India, is covering the World Cup for the disabled audience and is providing live coverage of every game along with comprehensive information on the teams, players, play-offs and up-to-date world cup news and trivia.

The website also allows users to participate in opinion polls, receive daily newsletters and give feedback. With over 20,000 hits, it served more than 7,000 page views from May 31 till June 17.

As director Enabling Dimensions, Shilpa Uttam, puts it: ''The objective of is to empower the disabled to acquire knowledge and build capabilities that enable them to choose a quality of life they desire. World Cup coverage is just the first step.''