About Team
Shilpa Uttam

Shilpa has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with a Diploma in Advance Computer System Management. She is a technologist by heart and has worked on iPhone, Open source & .Net technologies. Her passion lies in helping people adopt domains.

She has over seventeen years of experience in interacting with clients and leading teams to develop complex project & products. Some of web-based she has led include social media sites, accessible coverage of FIFA world cup, a Virtual Stadium with live webcast of streaming audio-video content, web based loyalty system and multimedia rendering engine.

Shilpa has done a specialized course on Web Accessibility from HTML Writers Guild, USA and has provided training on web accessibility in India and abroad. She has undergone Professional Training in Usability and PET(Persuasion, Emotion and Trust) from Human Factors. She also underwent training on Effective Personal Productivity from Leader Management Institute. She has done recently completed courses on Creativity and Designing for Learning Environment from Stanford University.

You may get in touch with her at shilpau@enablingdimensions.com.


Sachin Uttam
Director Consulting

With a Bachelor's Degree in Business Studies and Post-Graduate Diploma in Systems Management. Sachin has 20 years of experience in developing eLearning solution, both CBTs and WBTs.

Sachin's keen eye for design and his passion for new technology make his role at Enabling indispensable. He is responsible for consulting engagement with the clients and helps them in strategizing their training requirements.

Before joining Enabling Dimensions Sachin has had experience in being part of team that were pioneers in building edutainment CD-ROM products in India along with cutting edge eLearning solutions. Sachin has also worked in the eLearning centre of excellence at General Electric as a Senior Project manager. Sachin was managing GE's corporate learning project run out of their Corporate Learning Centre in Crotonville, US. This centre is considered as one of the best courses were typically translate into 7 or more languages. Sachin also led a six-sigma project on improving the translation process for eLearning projects resulting in huge saving in the development efforts in executing multi-lingual projects.

Sachin has undergone specialized training on usability analysis for online products and services from Human Factors International. He recently completed a course on Creativity from Stanford University.

You may get in touch with him at sachinu@enabalingdimentions.com.


Sameer Kamboj

Sameer Kamboj is a founder and principal consultant of SKC Consulting Pvt. Ltd. He is a leadership coach and a partner of Leadership Management International Inc. USA Development Company. He is also a strategy consultant and a business coach.

An illustrious career, Sameer made valuable contributions to people by facilitating them to achieve their respective potentials. He conducts transformational change leadership programs both for companies and for individuals in various executive showcase programs.

Sameer is also a member of Alliance Audit in Singapore, a consultancy company which is a member of IGAL. He is a regular keynote speaker at various seminars. He deliberates on topics related to Leadership, Management, Productivity, Indian Business models, and Human Capital.

Avneesh Raghuvanshi

Avneesh Raghuvanshi is the Country Manager for India at Pedersen & Partner. He has more than 15 years of experience in the Executive Search Industry, specializing in CxO level searches.

Avneesh's gift for understanding and connecting with people enables him to successfully foster and hone human capital. He has an innate ability to find the perfect harmony between resources and corporate environments.

Throughout his career, he has successfully helped international Executive Search firms set ups and develop their operations in India, both in New Delhi and in Bangalore. His assignments have included working for a Hong Kong based international search firm specializing in Financial Services, to set up their branch in Mumbai. He has successfully completed assignments across Financial, Telecom, Technology and IT sectors.

Before joining Pedersen & Partner, Avneesh was a partner at an Indian Executive Search firm.

Bhaskar Roy
Delivery Head

With a Post-Graduate Degree in Educational Technology, Bhaskar has more than 13 years of experience in the field of eLearning. He is passionate about providing clients usable learning and knowledge, solutions through state-of-the-art technology and learning design.

At Enabling Dimensions, Bhaskar has successfully led several projects in eLearning development, mobile-based solutions, consulting and outsourcing. His passion for eLearning and an inherent ability to visualize content help him in providing learner centric solutions that are simple, usable and effective.

Bhaskar has previously worked with NIIT Ltd. in the Communications Design vertical. While at NIIT, he was a part of several multi-million dollar eLearning projects varying from K12 to higher education, corporate training and skill-based training.

He has recently completed courses on Creativity and Educational Environment from Stanford University with distinction. You may get in touch with him at bhaskar@enablingdimensions.com.