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eLearning At Work
Skill based training for all professionals

Every organization demands proactive employees who are both skilled and committed to achieve organizational goals. eLearning@work provides a framework which creates a custom eLearning module using the organizations processes and challenges. These are explained and taught in an engaging manner to enable people to learn, retain, access information repeatedly that helps them perform better.

A workplace management tool

Konnected is a work management tool that helps you to get the work done faster and better.

Konnected aims at delivering an efficient bundle of tools that ease your day to day work processes. Keeping the focus on productivity, collaboration and teamwork it provides you and your organization to sprial into innovation, success and growth at all levels.

Enhancing knowledge on ecology

Ecotrail is a game based application developed for android and iOS based hand-held devices such as Galaxy Tab or iPad. It is a simple and user-friendly game for kids and adults. It works in both - comprehensive and fun.

Spelling game for visually challenged learners

SpellWell game features a number of episodes, consisting of word lists built around commonly misspelled word categories, based on our research. An interface with large - fonts and high-contrast allows use without a screen-magnifier for low vision users and voice-over does away the need for expensive screen-reading software for blind users.