Our endeavour is to work as the extended team of our clients. 

At Enabling Dimensions, we look at every business opportunity as a relationship building opportunity. As consultants and strategists, we focus on the objectives of our clients and reconcile these with the goals and objectives of the end-users of their project.

eLearning for Mobile & Web

Bespoke multi-lingual eLearning modules both for the web and for mobile devices. Adoption of Gamification, scenarios and other methodologies to make learning engaging and fun.

Interactive Books

Making books come live using new technologies to enhance the user experience by incorporating videos, interactivities and quizzes that are accessible on the iPads and Android tablets.

Knowledge Sharing Solutions

Collaborative platforms, websites, applications that use the concepts of social learning and collaboration and enable organizations to help learn, share knowledge, methodologies, best practices, and information. 

eStrategy & Consulting

An eBusiness strategy that aligns your online business or web presence with your overall business objectives.

User Experience

Creating user experiences that goes beyond design to help an end user connect with the eLearning and technology applications that are created.

Empowerment Initiatives

Passionately finding new solutions for people with disabilities to improve their quality of life.