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eLearning for Mobile and Web

We, at Enabling Dimensions have worked extensively to develop multilingual e-learning modules for the web and mobile devices. We also have a white labelled product offering: workplace learning modules; these are off-the-shelf courses designed to suit various training needs for different levels of managers in an organisation.

Scenario & Animation

Scenarios and animation are used for better knowledge retention and are more engaging as compared to textual content. Scenario based quizzes for complex topics can help the user apply skills learned in a particular module. Our soft skill courses, currently being used by Ranbaxy, the Dal group and Agalio Novartis have been developed using Articulate, the rapid e-learning tool.


At Enabling Dimensions, we believe that gamification can be used to weave exciting corporate challenges and knowledge into engaging e-learning modules, which thereby inculcates persistence, risk-taking and problem solving abilities.

Video Based Training

Video based trainings are the best solutions for process or skill training, especially when you have a big workforce. Rich graphics and videos are created at Enabling Dimensions for  the purpose of vocational e-learning. abilities.

Engaging Multi-media

To make learning even more interesting, we employ engaging multimedia such as video scribes and images


Strategy-Based Modules

We make learning more innovative by employing e-learning methods in the form of strategy-based modules to educate the top management on industry standards and competition.

Infographics and Mindmaps

Infographics or mindmaps are a graphical representation of information. An appealing way to grab a learner’s attention, this is a great way to understand the zest of any topic.  We specialise in data visualisation and visual thinking and have created numerous infographics like “Essential behaviour of an execution led leader”, “Ebola outbreak” and science infographics for school. abilities.

Interactive Books - Newsletters, Project Reports

Interactive books are a great way to grab a learner's attention and ensure his attention and participation during a learning process. Interactive books are now a big hit among many corporate bodies aspiring to adapt to technological advances. Topics like Art of Delegation and Customer focus, which are otherwise hard to train on, seems easily attainable goals with the help of such interactive books.

A user can replay a course as many times he wants and according to his convenience, in order to understand a particular subject. Thus helping and enhancing learning ability and knowledge retention for a longer time period.