Our serviceseStrategy & Consulting

We can help you devise an eBusiness strategy that aligns your online business or web presence with your overall business objectives. Our experts can help in creating a roadmap to fulfil training and technological needs for the organization. We go through a brainstorming process to define the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, why) and 1H (how) from all perspectives. We then help in identifying the features that define the needs of your project, judiciously recommend which existing systems or open source CMS could be used, how and what tools can be adopted to fulfil eLearning needs.

Solutioning - eLearning, Online Communities & Knowledge Sharing


As an organization that has run an online community for people with visual disabilities in India and with experience of creating global online communities for our clients, we have developed an expertise to help organizations plan and launch web-based communities around topics of common interests. We can help organizations with creating a roadmap, prototyping, monitoring the community, capturing focus group feedback, enhancing and building the community over a period of time and supporting them to run the community.


We provide custom eLearning solutions based on the needs of the organizations and its people across industries. We also have hands-on experience in developing and maintaining various knowledge sharing platforms and applications for organization across the globe.


Learner Need Analysis

In an increasingly globalized world, the employees, partners, or learners could be anywhere in the world. Web-based learning deliveries are fast becoming the medium of choice for organizations who are sensitive to the time and costs. We specialize in implementing learning solutions customized to map  the objectives of your organization with the profile of your target audience profile. We can assist you with:

  • Custom course development
  • Blended learning solutions
  • Standards (SCORM, W3C guidelines, Section 508) compliance
  • Instructional and graphic design
  • Building or deployment of learning delivery systems


Communication Strategy & Information Architecture

An effective communication strategy helps an organization communicate more effectively with its end users and meet objectives. Analysis is an important aspect while working on a strategic level. A background knowledge about different problems and challenges faced by an organization in the past and what is it looking forward to gain with the new strategy is what we look at before laying out future plans.

We also realize the power of web and social media, thus focus on creating user-friendly and interactive communication strategies and information architecture for websites and various platforms successfully increasing visibility and engage target audience.

User Experience & Usability


User experience and usability as a discipline is about keeping in mind various elements such as information architecture, what is being communicated, how it’s being communicated, the user experience, the principles of design, the visual design, typography, sound and its overall usability that provides the desired experience to the end users. At Enabling Dimensions, we aspire to meet the needs of our clients and their end users by developing simple and user friendly solutions. Be it eLearning, websites or knowledge sharing platforms, our products reflect the key elements of great user experience and usability


Accessibility Solutions


A professional approach, genuine sensitivity and a close collaboration with people with disabilities enables us to deliver high-value services to our clients. Our accessibility consulting services cover:


  • Compliance Planning and Processes: Developing a detailed roadmap to achieve compliance with accessibility standards and set up processes to follow the roadmap.
  • Developing organization standards for website usability and accessibility compliance
  • Accessibility audits for legacy content and systems